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Synch Panel for UOL Data Center

Synch. Panel with MIMIC for UOL delivered Feb-2018

ATS with Phase Correction

Delivered ATS panel with Phase correction, Web Access, SCADA Monitoring for LDC Mar-2018

Manual Over Ride Type Test DB

Delivered to SBP-Karachi MOR Panel with Prisma Plus Enclosure Jan-2018

ATS Panel

Delivered ATS Panel with MOR, for SBP DC-Karachi with On line Monitoring, web access

Synch Panel for UOL Data Center

Delivery of 1600A Synch. Panel with MIMIC

Synch Panel for Pyramid Automation

Supply of Synch Control Panel;- One Wapda Controller 8660- Two Gen Controller 8610- Internally wired- Cable Terminations at TBs

Systems Ltd Karachi/Future Point Technologies

Supply and Installation of;- UPS Input/Output DB (Type Test)- 2 x 150A Changeover DB- Industrial Sockets for Server Racks

Ufone Data/Call Center

Power Revamp including;Replacement of LV Panels with Type Test SolutionReplacement of LV CablesEnergy Metering and MonitoringInstallation of LV CablesInstallation of LV PanelsTesting and ComissioningUser Acceptance TestHanding Over

MOR Panel for U-Fone Main Switching Center

MOR Panel for U-Fone Main Switching Center in Karachi through The Imperial Electric CompanySynchronizing of 03 Generators with 03 MOR Provision, Mechanical Interlocking of ACBs with Flexible Cables, Forced cooling, Insulated Bus Bars, Front and Rear Access